Protection Approaches

Be Ready - For Anything!

Getting your period when you aren't prepared can be even scarier than a pop quiz in math!

Unfortunately, periods do have a way of surprising you. You can never be 100% sure when your period will arrive. And when your “friend” shows up earlier than usual, it can cause a lot of hassles.

There's no reason your period ever needs to ruin your reputation, your bed sheets or your panties! The secret is being prepared. A few days before you expect your period to arrive you may find you like wearing a Light to Moderate Protection STAYFREE® product, like STAYFREE® ULTRA THIN® Regular.

So wear those cute white jeans and hit the mall. And just to make sure you are covered, tuck a STAYFREE ® Pad or two in…

  • Your bookbag/backpack or purse
  • Your gym bag
  • Your locker
  • Your car's glove compartment (if you drive!)

Remember, STAYFREE® products help...

  • Keep you feeling fresher and drier
  • Keep you protected from odor
  • Keep your panties protected from stains
  • Keep your bed sheets protected from stains while you sleep