Protection Approaches

New Life…New Protection

The process of creating a new life may create new feminine protection and other issues.

In addition to increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy and after child birth, there's the possibility of temporary bladder leakage from weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Wherever your day takes you and Baby, bring plenty of diapers, and don't forget about your own protection needs. Trust STAYFREE ® for a full line of protection products to help you meet these additional protection needs, such as STAYFREE® Maxi Pads designed to prevent leaks.

So pack up that stroller and hit the road. And just to make sure you are covered, tuck a STAYFREE ® Pad or two in...


  • Your purse
  • Your diaper bag
  • Your workout tote or health club locker
  • Your desk drawer at work
  • Your car's glove compartment


Remember, STAYFREE ® products help...


  • Keep you feeling fresher and drier
  • Keep you protected from odors and leaks
  • Keep your panties protected from stains
  • Keep your bed sheets protected from stains while you sleep