Protection Approaches

Stay Protected - Every Day!

Power meeting at 8, running errands at noon, hitting the gym at 6. Your life keeps you pretty busy and on the go.

Thanks to advances in STAYFREE® products, it's easier than ever to maintain the pace of your busy lifestyle without undue concerns about feminine hygiene, including everyday freshness protection and leaks.

So, go ahead, enjoy a long lunch with friends or a good night's sleep knowing that STAYFREE® absorbency is on your side. And to address your fears of odor, rest assured that STAYFREE® feminine hygiene and protection products, such as STAYFREE® Super Maxi, feature exclusive odor neutralizers that actively prevent and neutralize odor, while a light, clean scent discreetly tells you it's working.

So get on with your busy life! And just to make sure you are covered, tuck a STAYFREE® Pad or two in...

  • Your purse
  • Your desk drawer at work
  • Your workout tote or health club locker
  • Your car's glove compartment

  • Remember, STAYFREE® feminine hygiene and protection products help...

  • Keep you feeling fresher and drier
  • Keep you protected from odor
  • Keep your panties protected from stains
  • Keep your sheets protected from stains while you sleep

  • By making STAYFREE® products a part of your lifestyle, concerns about feminine hygiene won't get in the way of your busy day.