Stayfree® Overnight Maxi Pad

Stayfree Maxi Pad Overnight

Stayfree® Maxi Pad Overnight With NIGHT-GUARD® Zone and 18 anti-leak channels for overnight protection during heavy period flow.

About Stayfree Maxi Pad Overnight

It's not always easy to get a good night's sleep when you have your period. And it's not just because of bloating, period cramps and other unwelcome menstrual symptoms that might visit at that time of the month.

That's why there's Stayfree® Maxi Pad Overnight –

with NIGHT GUARD® zone and eighteen anti-leak channels, designed to help block leaks from side to side, and front to back, too. No matter which way you toss or turn, you get the maximum leak protection. Combine that remarkable absorbency with the cottony softness of Stayfree® Overnight pads to feel comfortable and confident throughout the night.

Stayfree® Maxi Overnight pads feature:

  • Night Guard Zone® provides back coverage to block leaks in all directions   
  • Anti-leak core locks in fluid and helps keep you dry   
  • Trust Stayfree® Overnight pads to keep you protected while you sleep so you're free to move throughout the night. So, go ahead, enjoy a good night's sleep knowing the absorbency of Stayfree® pads is on your side.

Now you can easily wake up to a beautiful morning with Stayfree® pads

Want to learn more about getting a better night's sleep when you have your period? Click here to get tips on what you can do to ease menstrual discomfort so you can sleep more soundly.

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